Produits pour Cable Kit Board

Bar clamps: bar 30 length 25mm plastic studs for holding the cable to the insulation of ground extruded polystyrene.
Adhesive: adhesive width 19mm 50ml roller for holding the wire in the grooves of the insulator (an attachment point all around 200mm)
Tape device: 50ml roll polystyrene foamed adhesive-tape 5mm thick and de100mm height. To stick on the walls before installing the insulation of ground extruded polystyrene.
Underlay thermocompressed: rigid plate fiberglass thermocompressed to 380kg per m3 - size 593 x 593 x 4mm. Pre-coated with cement mortar. Replaces the traditional floating screed and spread the load on the floor.
Mortar glue: single mortar glue C2 S1 / S2 for special electric floor heating. Equally suitable for bonding the insulation on the existing floor for filling the grooves and for bonding the under layer thermocompressed on the insulator. 25Kg bag.
bonding primer. Bucket of 5 Kg For use with a wool roller on difficult substrates (too little or porous). Helps regulate the porosity and improve the adhesion of the mortar glue. Can be used on most surfaces, contains no solvent.



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