Produits indispensable pour Ecofilm set

Underlay: rigid extruded polystyrene plate. Dimension 1250 x 60 - 6mm thickness - Surface 0.75m² Compression class I 5. Replace the under layer of floating laminate flooring.
Vapor barrier: Polyester foil 1ml - 200 microns thick. The controlled area must be 10% greater than the surface of the workpiece (recovery widths). Protects Ecofilm set any moisture that may be created on the underside of the floating laminate floor.
Adhesive: adhesive width 19mm 50ml roll for fixing Ecofilm set the directional flow and the vapor barrier on the set Ecofilm
Adhesive cartridge: adhesive 290ml cartridge - color white - for securing the directional flow and Ecofilm set of power cables on the existing floor.


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