Plancher chauffant electrique Cable Kit Tram

Heating cable 17w / ml bi-conductor with metal braid for Electric heating floor. Available in 16 powers 190w to 2640w. Raster on a fiberglass mesh width of 70cm. Delivered ready to install on an incompressible insulating, it must be covered by a floating screed army of 30 to 50mm thick or with a compatible fluid screed. The final coating can be tiled, floating laminate or linoleum (glued parquet under certain conditions)

Controls to choose from the range of thermostats Sud Rayonnement (thermostat tab)

Also required: resilient peripheral strip, compressible insulation 30 or 65mm thick.

Data sheet included in the package, Hotline 0820 204 251, 10 years warranty


Including eco-participation HT : 0.42 €

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