The legislation requires the manufacturer warranty for 10 years the building integrated products (heating cables and films) and for 2 years removable visible products (thermostats, cassettes, IRC, wall panels ...)
Our insurer covers this warranty the following conditions:
- Registering the guarantee form must be returned to South Radiation within 30 days after the purchase date.
- The claim must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
Our guarantee does not apply if:
- The product has been connected to a higher power at 230V or covered by a coating whose thermal resistance is not consistent with our recommendations.
- The system was damaged during or after installation and repaired or removed due to improper installation.
Our warranty applies when our After Sales Service finds in your presence that the product is defective by design. We provide repair (according to our Service Charter) or replacement of parts in default at our expense system.
Not included are other costs associated with the repair such as repair or replacement of coating.
South Radiation provides its customers an operational after sales service throughout the French territory. Our service charter sets out the conditions for intervention:
- If the fault is attributable to manufacturing South Radiation product bears the cost of the intervention. Your deposit check is destroyed.
- If the malfunction is due to the implementation, or improper use. You assume the cost of the intervention. Your deposit check is cashed. Our service can only assume the replacement of the coating.
The products we manufacture are controlled in accordance with the protocol established by our quality service. Any faults usually originate a random implementation.
Our customers have a technical department to identify the fault and to assess the appropriateness of an intervention of our service.