Ceiling heating

Radiant CEILING heating exists for over thirty years but has not received the same communication force that granted Electric Radiant Floor (PRE).

That is why it is still unknown although very comfortable, and at all levels: cost of installation, laying and connection speed, low power consumption and above all: no inertia!

In addition, your space is totally free since it is an invisible heating.

The females have a preference to the Radiant Ceiling because the sensation of heat on the shoulders is felt just 15 minutes after system startup, especially if wearing light clothing because the fabric remains an insulator.

Similarly, taking advantage of the effect of "radiation" can be left folded the quilt down the bed to enjoy the evening in the warmth of the sheets!

In new construction the ceiling is the simplest available area to use if the house is provided with an industrial structure and a plasterboard ceiling. The inertia is very low, and reached thermal equilibrium very rapidly. The soil load and radiates heat in turn to all sides.

In renovating the ceiling heating contributes to the thermal and acoustic insulation and reduces the sub-ceiling height of the room while providing unparalleled comfort.
However, it should clear the workpiece during the work and plan to repaint the ceiling
Budget: new buildings the cost of heating is limited to the purchase and installation of heating films. Renovation investment is justified if the rehabilitation of the existing ceiling is envisaged. By cons when the existing ceiling decoration (moldings, medallions, boxes etc ...) it is better to choose another wall.