Vous trouverez ici toutes nos questions les plus fréquentes posées par nos clients, et les réponses de nos équipes à ces questions.

No, you should never cut a heating cable. You must reduce the length of lay or circulate any excess cable to 10 cm from the wall. Only the cold connection of black cable can be shortened.
Several cables can be connected in a junction box, taking care not to exceed a total power of 2700W (TH331) or 3600W (TH310, TH410, TH610) which is the maximum threshold allowed by the thermostat. Beyond this power, it is necessary to install a power relay (see wiring diagram on the site).
Yes, however the installation of thermostats must be validated by our technical services.
Thermal insulation under the cover structure (single layer or sub-sub-layer top in case of superposition) should receive class "SC1 (a or b) Ch" and to mineral wools "SC2 Ch" within the meaning of paragraph 4.2 of the NF DTU 26.2 / 52.1 (paragraph 4 of the future NF DTU 52.10).
For thermal resistance comply with notice who gets as current standards and site characteristics the appropriate heat resistance.
The thickness depends on the thermal resistance of the insulation.